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Improvex Heavy Duty Racking System

About our IMPROVEX  (75mm) Pallet Racking IMH-6 , IMH-12, IMH-18, IMH-25

  1. IMH  pallet racking is designed to store pallet cargo. It enables you to make full use of the storage space. With a wide range of optional solutions and components available, we can design special IMH pallet racking according to your requirements.
  2. Our IMH pallet racking can be coupled with different specifications of pallets and containers.
  3. It can coordinate with all the handling equipment and operational equipment.
  4. Our IMH  pallet racking is manufactured in accordance with international quality standard ISO9001:2000, as well as international design standard SEMA and FEM..

About the Upright Column of our  IMH Pallet Racking

  1. The upright column of our  IMH pallet racking bears the weight of the whole pallet racking system. The beam helps distribute the weight of racking, so that the safety and the overall performance can be guaranteed.
  2. Since the uprights of our IMH pallet racking adopt optimized structure, they have the features of strong bearing capacity, high rigidity and good resistance to torsion.
  3. The lateral holes on upright column can help transfer the load vertically down the upright. Through these holes, beams can be mounted into the upright columns. Since the beam is connected rather than wedged, the side loads will not bear down upon uprights through the beam connector.
  4. The uprights of our IMH pallet racking have deeper face than that of other conventional racking systems. Accordingly, our IMH pallet racking has a greater strength, rigidity and resistance to lateral impact damage.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 26 October, 2011.