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Selective Pallet Racking System

IMPROVEX selective pallet racking is an ideal pallet rack system used to store different kinds of articles on pallets.
In this system, each pallet can be placed, accessed, and moved individually. This facilitates the circulation and the handling of articles.
The beam of selective pallet racking is easy to adjust. Extra pallet bracing can be configured on beams. As a result, our selective pallet racking can bear palletized goods of different specifications.
The pallets at the bottom layer can be placed on ground directly. This can help save cost. Of course, the bottom layer can also be designed with beams if necessary.
Selective pallet racking is the simplest and most economical pallet rack system. It takes 35% floor space and 25% spatial area.

Advantages of our Selective Pallet Racking

  • All pallets can be accessed individually and the upper space of the warehouse can be utilized to the fullest.
  • Stock rotation can be achieved easily.
  • The beams of our selective pallet racking can be easily adjusted to accommodate variable pallet heights.
  • Our selective pallet racking can be used in combination with most handling equipment.
  • In general, the height of our selective pallet racking is 10 meters.
  • The available accessories can meet various loading needs.
  • Economical beams can be added to the lower layers.
  • The utilization rate of location has reached up to 95%, near 100%. This greatly facilitates the stock rotation.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 26 October, 2011.